Advanced Recovery Cone

Post-Surgical Recovery
The Easy Way

A Better Kind of Pet Recovery Collar

Patent-Pending Design for Superior Comfort

Anyone who’s had a pet undergo surgery may be aware of the importance of the Elizabethan collar (E-collar). Pets hate it and you feel bad after putting it on them. They just went through surgery, and you want to take it off. Maybe their big puppy dog eyes and sappy behavior are just too much to handle because you’re used to seeing your pet happy and eager for attention. At Advanced Recovery Cone, we hear ya – we understand because we’re animal lovers too. Let our patent-pending design increase your pet's auditory senses and reduce sound distortion, while also sitting comfortably and securely for superior comfort.

Increase Their Natural Senses While Reducing Sound Amplification

For their own good, your vet will likely tell you to keep your dog or cat’s recovery collar on 24/7. That lampshade device keeps pets from licking and chewing their incisions, so they can heal faster without added infection and expense. The difference between ours is that sound is not amplified and distorted like in typical post-surgical collars, and it gives your pet full visibility of their surroundings. Unlike solid e-collars, the perforated holes in an Advanced Recovery Cone gives your pet more natural hearing abilities and allows sound to flow through freely. Help your pet heal humanely with full side views and full hearing for a less frightful four-legged friend.


Made and Assembled in the U.S.

How We Help Your Pet

Whether your pet is healing from a surgical procedure, has a hot spot, or is healing from a nonsurgical wound like a bug bite, an Advanced Recovery Cone has many benefits. Our lightweight design gives pets full access to their visual and auditory senses, and it prevents them from causing damage to an already sensitive or healing area. Now won’t you feel better knowing your cat or dog can recover with ease?

vet checking on dog wearing cone to reduce stress and anxiety

Reduces stress and anxiety

puppy speaking through microphone

Eliminates sound blockage

Girl hugging her dog at the vet

Easy custom fit for your animal

Dog comfortable with family

Provides relief and comfort

Dog on beach running through water

Significantly reduces sound amplification

We love pets as much as you do

Our dog Remi hated the “cone of shame.” When she came home from surgery with it on, we knew we had to create a better solution to ease her anxiety caused by the Elizabethan collar! So, we created the Advanced Recovery Cone and the difference was immediate – she hardly knew it was there and she was ready to recover!


Our Mission
for Our Cones

Our mission is to save the Remi’s of the world, so each year ARC will give away a portion of profits to local Humane Societies in hopes of raising awareness of shelter animals. Like Remi, homeless animals offer generous amounts of love and joy if only given the chance. This cone wouldn’t have been possible without you Remi!

Animal Preferred, Veterinarian Approved

As a veterinarian, I have found the Advanced Recovery Cone better for the patient in two ways. Not only does the animal seem more comfortable in it compared to a traditional Elizabethan Collar, but an owner knows this and is more willing to keep the cone on their pet. In one step, you can improve patient comfort and owner compliance.

The Advanced Recovery Cone takes your animal’s comfort into account in ways that traditional Elizabethan Collars do not. I have used it on my own dog and it is my go-to when I need a cone.

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Dr. B, DVM

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